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Il Monferrato

Piemonte’s geophysical conformation makes it a truly unique region; it has mountains, plains, lakes and, above all, hills. And this hilly landscape makes a strong impression on people discovering it for the first time. Various areas in the Piemonte Region have these characteristics, in particular the vast territory that extends throughout the Provinces of Asti and Alessandria, and that stretches from the outskirts of the Province of Torino all the way to the Ligurian Apennines. This is Monferrato, a land of rolling hills and vineyards, “that multitude of castles and vines, Aleramo’s land,” as Carducci defined it. Monferrato is many-faceted: history, architecture, art, wines, food and tourism. This territory, composed of Lower and Upper Monferrato, boasts medieval villages and cities with monuments and churches of great historical and artistic value, as well as economic resources and local specialties that have led Monferrato to enjoy international renown and appreciation. 

Aleramo's legendary ride marked out a land that was both strong yet gentle, characterized above all by hills, an immense variety of lanscapes, and horizons as changeable as they were striking and varied in their splendour. Today, Monferrato still stirs up the same emotions as those that pervaded young Aleramo's soul.

The river Tanaro and the river Po are among the major watercourses to cross Upper and Lower Monferrato.

One of Monferrato's characteristics features is the variety of both the landscapes and the soil itself, with changes colour, consistency and chemical composition from one area to another and from one hill to the next.

Monferrato's range of hills has quite varied morphological caracteristics. Its secrets are well-known to the wine-growers, whose experience has enabled them cultivate viniyards producing excellent wines.