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Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014, is a land of rolling hills and small villages in Piedmont. The territory is famous for its excellent wines such as the robust Barbera, the sweet Moscato, the niche Grignolino and the peace of countryside. One hour away from Turin and Milan, Monferrato is a strategic area to discover northern Italy and its beauties


Its history has almost fairy-tale origins. The young Aleramo, orphaned shortly after being born, would create in Sezzadio, near Acqui Terme, hosted by the owners of the castle and growing up, thanks to his polite and fine ways, he managed to make his way to the court of Emperor Ottone I. He fell in love with the emperor's daughter, Adelasia, and together with her escaped taking refuge in the mountains of the Apennines between Piedmont and Liguria. But fate would have it that the streets of Aleramo and the Emperor met again. Upon learning of the kidnapping of the emperor's nephew, Aleramo, feeling indebted to Otto I, decided to leave for the enemy camp and convinced the Brescian nobles to free the prisoner. When the Emperor recognized the savior of his nephew he was not angry, but, after sending to call Adelasia as well, he decided to grant his son-in-law the title of Marquis. Aleramo would have had three days and three nights to ride between Piedmont and Liguria, the territory surrounded would have been his. Halfway through the journey, Aleramo's horse lost an iron and as there were no blacksmiths nearby, he worked on a brick found nearby. Hence the name Monferrato, from Mun, or brick and Frrha that mean shoe in Piedmontese dialect.


Why visit Monferrato?

A territory to be savored and lived slowly, like the Po river that crosses it, letting yourself be carried away by the colors of the earth and the narrow streets of the villages. A journey that continues at the table, between exceptional wines and dishes that have their roots in the peasant Italian tradition.

Its traditions and breathtaking landscapes will remain etched in your eyes and heart, bringing you back to the tranquility of the hills every time you think back to your holiday in Italy.


What to see in Monferrato?

Let's start with the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The wine-growing landscapes and the infernòt. Just get lost in the hills to admire the variety of the landscape that takes on new nuances with the passing of the seasons. To visit an infernòt instead you have to go underground, they are in fact underground buildings dug by hand into the tuff, real works of peasant art.

Sacred Mount of Crea. Located on one of the highest hills of Monferrato and surrounded by a vast natural park, there is a complex of sacred buildings, chapels and romitori of great artistic and architectural value. A path from which you can admire the landscape that winds uphill, up to the Chapel of Paradise at the top of the hill.


We can't forget Casale, capital of Monferrato, with the characteristic Castle with an unusual shape. A few steps from the Paleologi Castle flows the Po river. In the heart of the historic center we find two particularly important sacred buildings, the Cathedral of Casale with a starry vault and the Synagogue, one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe.

If you pass through the center you can not follow the smell of freshly baked Krumiri , they come from Via Saffi where there is the pastry shop that since 1878 produces the original ones, the Krumiri Rossi.


For the hills there are many villages to visit, starting from our Terruggia. Discover here Terruggia, our home


Then there is one of the finalists of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Cella Monte with the characteristic tuff roads, or the small hamlet of Colma di Rosignano that extends along a single street and that in winter turns into a large crib. Breathtaking views can be admired from the viewpoints of Coniolo (the most romantic), Cantavenna, Moleto (perfect for a picnic) and from the church of Sant'Ambrogio in Treville. There are also ancient castles in Gabiano and in Giarole. If you are interested in visiting Castle you can find more information on


We are waiting for you in Monferrato to make you discover our land, our home